Brinicombe Equine Think Fly spray review - sponsored blog post

Whilst warmer weather and longer days means more hours to spend with our horses, after a very wet but warm winter, it seems like we're going to have a summer that is full of flies, bugs and other annoying insects. It's only mid-April, yet I'm already having to use fly rugs and masks as well as using fly spray to keep the horses happy when turned out. Which is why when Brinicombe Equine got in touch with me about their new fly spray, I was more than happy to trial it out!
For me, the best fly sprays are long-lasting so that there isn't a need for constant reapplication, as well as being highly effective. I think it's pretty nifty if they don't smell horrible - a few that I've tried out over the years have not been a pleasant experience for me, never mind for my horses with their sensitive sense of smell!! The design of the spray on the bottle also plays a big part for me, especially if your horse is anything like mine where finding a gentle and quiet spray with good coverage is 100% important in order to have a calm and stressful turnout routine. Vallu is the most ridiculously sensitive creature to noisy sprays (as in if it's too noisy he won't let me anywhere near him when he spots the fly spray) so it's been fabulous to notice that he isn't getting tense at all about the Brinicombe Equine Think Fly spray being used before he gets turned out 🙌🏻

The Think Fly® spray comes in a 500 ml bottle, and is an innovative, organic insect repellent. What I think is most interesting about this particular fly spray is that it consists of a natural blend of organic ingredients. The spray contains a balance of lemongrass and their own PST22® technology, which are both 100% natural components. I personally love the smell of lemongrass so that is a definite bonus for me!  🌾 This fly spray uses a patented PST22 Polysulphide Technology® and by using this patented ingredient it ensures that every batch is as effective as the last, and I've noticed that each time that I spray it, it smells as powerful every single time. This technology means that it's at least 3 times more effective than similar products on the current market which use garlic oil as a base - this technology is one of a kind and exclusive to the Brinicombe Group and is a globally unique technology. And because every single batch and spray is as powerful as the one before it, I've noticed that all three of mine have been a lot more comfortable and less irritated during turn out and when they're being ridden. No one has been swishing their tails, kicking their tummies or shaking their heads in their paddocks. When I'm riding all three have been able to focus on their work really well, rather than trying to get rid of the bugs! Even in the evenings when I can see how many bugs are flying about none of my horses have been bothered by them.
Okay, so it's powerful and keeps bugs away, but what if you've got a super sensitive horse? Well, according to Brinicombe Equine the Think Fly spray "provides a powerful mist of long lasting, natural active ingredients with a balanced pH to also help reduce skin irritation giving you peace of mind even with the most sensitive equines." Melisse is very sensitive to literally everything, and she gets a reaction from nearly everything. Whenever I have a new product to use on her I have to do a patch test and be really careful with what products we can actually even use with her. So far, we've found two other fly sprays that she doesn't have a reaction to, but neither of them have been anywhere near as powerful at deterring bugs and insects to stay away from her as the Think Fly spray has been - I'm very impressed with it! I can't explain how much of a relief it is to find something as powerful as this without it causing an allergic reaction to Melisse, so I can definitely recommend this product for people with sensitive horses, which is why I'm going to buy another bottle of it because I've been that pleased with it.
I like that the bottle is solid, robust and easy to use with a very good spray, and it's also hard-wearing. My bottle has gotten bashed about and knocked over by Vallu's hooves and it's not broken or cracked! 💪🏻 Also it came out in a nice thick mist that stuck to the horse well and didn’t get into your mouth. I only needed to use it once a day and it repelled the flies/bugs/insects even whilst my horses were sweating from work.  I really like the branding too, as it really caught my eye. I'm going to point out that obviously I've not been able to test its effectiveness against horseflies because we've not had any, but it has been very effective against every single gnat/bug/fly that we've had so far. And bring priced at £16.95, in my opinion it's a great price for something that's so effective, easy to use and genuinely lasts from morning until evening!

At the time of writing this blog post (15th April 2020), Brinicombe Equine have got a deal going on so that if you buy 1 Think Fly® spray you can get another one half price, click the link HERE.
I was sent the fly spray as a gift but all opinions are my own and truthful. I want to say a huge thank you to Brinicombe Equine for teaming up with me and sending me this fabulous product 💓

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