Feather & Fell limited luxe equestrian sweater review

Now that I've had the sweater at home for a few weeks and had the chance to use, test and wash it, I'm so excited to share with you my review of Feather & Fell's limited edition Luxe sweater. And as we're in lock down, I've only had the chance to wear it at home but it is the sweater that I always go to grab whenever it comes out of the wash. The limited edition Luxe sweater looks lovely whether you're riding or going out to the shops or grabbing a bite to eat (whenever that's allowed again!)  For only £30 I think it's great value for money, and if you use the code ROOSA10 you can get -10% off! Everything always comes beautifully packaged, which is a lovely touch 🤍
I think it's a gorgeous sweater - it's SO soft & incredibly comfortable. It's not too thin or too thick, so you can wear it for pretty much the majority of the year, right through from autumn to spring very easily. I hate when I end up buying a sweater or hoodie that is too thick and then there's only a limited amount of time throughout the year that you can wear it, but the Luxe sweater has got just the right amount of thickness. I have practically lived in it, and despite washing it constantly the logo is intact which in my opinion is a rarity, and the sweater itself hasn't shrunk in the wash either. I've lost so many sweaters to this, so I'm over the moon that this one looks and feels EXACTLY the same each time it comes out of the washing machine! It's a sign of great quality when it doesn't shrink and the logo stays in tact, and unsurprisingly this Feather & Fell sweatshirt is definitely a quality product! The reason why I waited to share this review was so that I could have the chance to test it out, to make sure it withstands day to day use in order to be able to tell you guys everything about it 🙌🏻

With these sweaters you're able to choose from metallic rose gold printed 'one stride at a time' or 'one hoof at a time' slogan that is positioned centre of the chest. I went for the one hoof at a time version because I also got the t-shirt with the other slogan on it. There is the option of either going for a fitted feminine feel or a larger casual boyfriend fit - mine is the fitted style as I prefer that style on me, but I did go for a size bigger as I don't like clothes clinging on to me, which I think it was the right choice! If I was skinnier I would definitely stick to the normal size. There are plenty of colour options too, you can get them in navy, grey, black or purple. I went for the grey because I know it will match with everything that I own and nearly all of my matchy. It looks great paired with any colour of breeches and leggings, but it looks especially lovely with navy and black leggings 🖤
When ordering you can choose ladies size 8-16 for fitted feminine style or S-XXL for casual boyfriend fit unisex sizing.  Just to point out, orders are non refundable/returnable due being made to order so please ensure you size correctly and get in touch with F&F for any queries before ordering. And remember that you can use the code ROOSA10 to get -10% off your order!

* Obviously I am a brand ambassador for Feather & Fell and have received this item with a discount, but all thoughts and opinions are my own *

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