Lockdown horse interviews

I thought I'd join in on a fun lockdown horse interview that I spotted floating about on Facebook. There are quite a lot of new followers & readers on here so I thought it would be a nice way for you to find out a little bit more about my horses! I have no idea who created it despite searching (if this is something you created, let me know and I'll obviously tag you) I hope you join in and share this wide and far, god knows we need things that cheer us up at this point 🙏🏻
Registered name: Val De Mar
Barn name: Vallu
Nicknames: handsome, pig, William
Colour: bay
Gender: gelding
Disciplines: dressage
Personality: happy, kind and genuine 😍
Hates: puddles, pigeons, not being able to go in his paddock
Favourite treats: EVERYTHING! 🐷
Age: 18
Height: 17.1hh
Funny habits: likes giving kisses, will lift his hind leg up if he wants belly scratches and snores when he sleeps
Best feature: biggest heart, kindest soul, knows all the party tricks
Worst feature: costing money from numerous vet visits, having crappy legs!
How long you have had them: 8 years

Registered name: Dydalsgaards Ferrai
Barn name:  Erik
Nicknames: donkey, Erickson, naughty monkey 
Colour: bay
Gender: gelding
Disciplines: dressage
Personality: happy, attention span of a gnat, talented, spooky, afraid of his own farts, trips over his own feet
Hates: things changing, birds tweeting in the woods by the arena, new people that he's never met before, being given a wormer
Favourite treats: dandelions and sugar lumps
Age: 16
Height: 16.2hh
Funny habits: pulling you in for a hug, droopy lower lip when he's tired
Best feature: SUPER talented to ride and he is a ridiculously lovely chap
Worst feature: breaking his over-reach boots/boots/head collars, ripping his stable rugs and his Back on Track boots, stresses easily
How long you have had them: 2 years
Registered name: Donna Melisse
Barn name: Melisse
Nicknames: Mellu-Ellu, moody mare, cowbag (when she's in a bad mood!), angel, princess 👑
Colour: bay
Gender: mare
Disciplines: dressage
Personality: dramatic, super vigilant to everything that's going on, kind
Hates: people touching her when she's eating, not being the first one to be turned out 
Favourite treats: everything!
Age: 17
Height: 16.1hh
Funny habits: after giving her a sugar lump she will lick your hand for a good five minutes 👅
Best feature: beautiful, kind, clever, loving 
Worst feature: so stubborn when she wants to be!
How long you have had them: 1 year

So join in and let me know the results of your horse's lockdown interview!

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