Christmas presents!

I got very spoilt once again and got lots of presents, all which I am very very grateful for. I love Christmas, giving other people presents which make them smile is great, but the best thing is having your family around you. Since my family is pretty spread around (Henri in Germany, Tommi here in Finland, and me in UK) we don't get together very often anymore and it's lovely to just sit down with everyone and catch up. It also means that we sometimes end up celebrating Christmas as early as on 20th December, which is why I'm already blogging about Christmas presents!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas, here are some of my best horsey Christmas presents...

Horse hair bracelet

One of the most precious things ever - a horse hair bracelet made from my baby Bastitini's hair. It is so beautiful.

My new most treasured horsey possession, I absolute adore this. I've wanted a new browband for Vallu's double bridle that would match his single bridle for a veryyyy long time. "Strikingly sparkling, elegantly waved browband featuring large, elegant Strass crystals with leather border and original Passier logo on the left loop." I'm very excited about this since it is a Passier, known for their quality and longevity, I really can't wait to try this on his double bridle!

Ahh I absolutely adore these!! I love all new gloves, especially Roeckl ones, but gosh these are so pretty! They are so comfortable, and the little bit of bling is just perfect. Yes I've got a little bit of a thing for bling; riding boots, whip and now gloves ;)

Riding clothes
I got new riding tshirts, a grey Tommy Hilfiger jumper, Kingsland jumper and hoodie and new riding socks. Perfect, I'm now sorted for riding clothes until next Christmas

Vallu also got a new rug, a really thick full neck fleece rug from the JH Collection at Hööks. It looks so warm and comfy, I'm hoping that it will fit him well, I've never bought this type of rug before...

I also got an extra awesome Christmas present from a blog (Equestrian Trend) giveaway, but I'll post about that later!

What horsey Christmas presents did you guys get, did you get everything you wanted?

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