Super Saturday!

I had one of the best Saturdays in a long time today, managing to spend over 9 hours at the stables! During this time Vallu was clipped, I had lunch and did some Christmas shopping, helped build the arena eventing show jumping course and then groomed and rode Vallu in the evening. 

Arriving at the yard I got the best surprise, Vallu was sleeping (I haven't been able to see this since moving to Nottingham) He was so sweet, and when I sat down next to him Vallu pulled me into a hug. Vallu can be super cute when he wants to be, and it's great to see him being so relaxed and happy. It was lovely to be able to just sit in his stable next to him for fifteen minutes just hugging him. ♥ Ah, I think I fell even a bit more in love with him…

Vallu got his second (and hopefully last) clip and he was so well behaved. Massive thanks to Charlotte who spent most of the time during clipping him telling Vallu what a good boy he is! This is such a huge improvement from when we first bought and couldn't clip him without getting the vet to sedate him. Now Vallu stands there quite happily munching on carrots and is content to have his body, legs and half a head clipped. Major progress, yessss!!
Racing stripes ;)
Naked legs!
Half done :)
 I also spent lots of time with the cutest Border Collie puppy ever! 

Since it was so windy (I mean windy like it felt like I was at the end of the world tornado kinda windy) I decided to wait until the indoor arena was empty, so this meant hanging around until 6pm. But it was well worth it, Vallu was a very good boy - very little spooking occurred even though the doors and walls were banging and making lots of noise - and Vallu even managed to properly relax at some points. On Monday we have our second Andrew Fletcher lesson which I can't wait for, hopefully it will go as well as last time!

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