5 Things on Your Christmas List

I'm using this idea from Cob Jockey (you can read her blog here!)

What are five things on your Christmas list?
(And yes I do know there are only four things here but I don't need any other stuff)

Since my old Roeckl Grip gloves are slowly starting to fade away, I'm in need of a new pair of gloves.  I have been using Roeckl gloves pretty much ever since I started riding, and I don't think that I'll ever change. The gloves are amazingly soft and comfortable, they dry quickly (useful when riding outdoors in the rain more than once a week - the gloves are always dry the next day) and look nearly brand new after you wash them.

I've had the classic Roeckl gloves for ages, after which I bought my current Roeckl Two Tone gloves (dark navy and white trim) which have been absolutely fantastic for over a year now! But now I wanna try these ones, and who can resist the diamonds? ;)

"ROECK-Grip, the world’s most popular and unique riding glove, embellished with exclusive, sparkling Swarovski Elements crystals. The ROECK-Grip is amazingly breathable, fits like a second skin and provides the best possible grip on the reins. That’s why a large number of the world’s elite dressage riders and show jumpers wear these high-performance gloves – and win wearing them. Today, the fashion-conscious equestrian can combine ultimate wearing comfort with haute couture"

We have two of these at home, and I think that these are essential in winter. They are so warm, and can be used in place of fleece coolers/sweat rugs during the winter since they'll keep your horse so much warmer, whilst still drying them up. Also great when warming up, they are so big and heavy that they don't fall off your horse, I tend to canter around and the blanket just stays on perfectly. Even though it's not as cold over here as it is in Finland, I do think that Vallu has started to get acclimatized to this weather. At the moment he is wearing two thick stable rugs and is very furry, and unexpectedly he's nice and warm, and not at all too hot. It gets to about +2c at night here, whereas in Finland it's around -10c and they're wearing the same amount of rugs. So this woolen blanket will definitely come in handy.

"The iconic, traditional Early's of Witney horse blanket. Soft, warm and with a very deep pile, the blanket is made from pure new wool (750gsm) and measures 205 x 210cm approximately. It's made, of course, here in England. The original 'Witney horse blanket' and still the very best woolen blanket you can put on a horse."

Absolutely one of my top favorite brands, Kingsland vests are probably the best around, and are my favorite to wear during the winter. Super comfortable, and super warm. I already have a brown Kingsland vest, but since I've been using it so much over the last two years, I don't think it is as warm and fluffy as it used to be, so with a new one by its side hopefully they will last for a long long time! And you can't go wrong with a thick fluffy vest in winter!!

"Vest with detachable hood. Light weight, water resistant and breathable. 200mg down filling."

Isn't that brow band stunning?!? I want one for Vallu's double bridle to match with the brow band that I have for his single bridle. The large clear crystals set into the leather offers a big sparkle - to hopefully blind the judges next year (; 

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