I actually won something

I got amazing news a few days ago, I was lucky enough to be picked a winner from Equestrian Trend's blog, where they had a Magic Brush set giveaway!! Equestrian Trend is a great blog showing all of the latest trends in our equestrian world, and having developed a partnership with Magic Brush, they were able to a host a lovely giveaway.
I opted for a black set, which as you can see from the photos includes three brushes; one black, one pink and one grey. I really love the concept of these brushes, but I've been a bit skeptical about them which made me hold back from buying them. But never give up on joining these blog giveaways, you might actually win sometimes ;)
I can't wait to try these out to see if they are worth the hype, and with 3 different brushes I can use them  all for different things e.g. pink for brushing Vallu and grey for cleaning saddle pads/boots/bandages etc.

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