All The Small Things blog challenge

This lovely idea taken from LB Equestrian's blog (which you can read HERE)

With blogging, it feels like sometimes we can over analyze all the bad things that go wrong (in training, behaviour wise, or spooking etc) and you can easily get stuck in a rut. Take some time out and think about 5 small things that you love about your horse.

#1 He makes my life a roller coaster of emotions, and I smile laugh cry and despair on a regular basis 
#2 He spooks at dad giving him an apple when it splits in half 
#3. He's willing to forgive all of my riding mistakes, and manages to make me look good when riding him
#4 He makes me progress as a rider and teaches me new things all the time - like the other we practised tempi changes on a 20 meter circle - a Grand Prix freestyle movement in my eyes ;)
#5 He gives the best kisses

#1 She looks after everyone who rides her
#2 I can ride her bareback with no saddle or bridle on
#3 Most temperamental mare ever to ride, but once it clicks the feeling she gives you is superb
#4 She has such a low neigh that she sounds like a stallion
#5 She's in total control of all of the boys, they all respect their queen ;)

#1 He has white eyelashes
#2 Super schoolmaster, you won't get anything out of him until you ride him right
#3 He's the kindest, and safest horse to everyone else, and with me he'll buck and play and go slightly wild all the time
#4 How he tends to sleep all the time; in his stable in the night, during the day, outdoors in his paddock...
#5 How he closes his eyes when he is licking your hand after you've given him a sweet e.g. a sugar lump

#1 He's such a funny horse, and he must have been a clown in his previous life as he makes me and mum laugh everyday
#2 He's so easy to ride, and everything seems to be easy for him
#3 He loves galloping really fast up the hills when we're hacking in the woods, and will immediately drop down to walk when you pat him on the neck and go "good boy, woaahhh"
#4 He plays with his brushes when you're tacking him up
#5 He has the best work attitude, he's always ready to go to work and he absolutely detests his days off

Let me know your favourite things of your horse(s) below, or do a blog post about it like me and send me the link and I'll check it out!

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