Vallu is home!

Gorgeous pony ♥︎
 So Vallu finally arrived home this morning!! I'm so glad to have him back home, it has been such a long week without him. Today he got to go for a walk in the afternoon, after which he got turned out with Nelli for about 3 hours so that tomorrow morning's turning out won't be such a big deal to him. It was a good idea, considering that Vallu spent the first fifteen minutes rolling and cantering and bucking around; luckily Nelli is far too wise to join in but the other boys for sure would have gone wild as well.

Nelli waiting for Vallu ♥︎
Dad brining the beginning of my stuff and the all important saddle 

Daddy and Vallu
Nelli and mum and mum's sling
After having a good roll, and check out how deep that bed is ;)

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