Happy hackers in Finland!

So like the rest of the entire equestrian community both here in Finland and in the UK I went out for a hack because 1. it was a day off for everyone else 2. the sun was shining and 3. it was really really warm.
We went to a stable close by (only a 5-10 minute drive) where they have a very lovely sand track that's about 1. 2km long, with some gentle hills and a very well looked after surface. I'm so happy that our friends had discovered this place, it is a little piece of paradise. There are no cars, the track is wide enough to have two horses side by side with a big enough gap in between them and the track's surface is really very good and well looked after so the horses feet will be fine - a very important for those who are just a tad bit paranoid about their horses feet e.g. me and mum. 
Hopefully we will be going there again soon with other horses (including Vallu) I just need someone who can drive a trailer... Maybe it's time for me to get a driving license for towing a trailer :)

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