Evening sun

It's been great to have Vallu back home, there has been no chaos created by him returning all the other horses are acting like he's never been away! :D I was a bit worried about the first time turning them all out together since Vallu hasn't had proper turnout since October - but all of the ponies behaved incredibly well and stayed out for more than 4 hours. Because Vallu's temperature has stayed normal, he was lunged on Tuesday where he looked really good, and I mean really good - fit, happy and fully sound! Then on Wednesday I got to ride him, and I'd totally forgotten how big he is even though I've been riding Rama for nearly a week and he's not much smaller than Vallu is. Even though Vallu was a bit stiff (especially on the left side) he was more than happy to go forwards - even though it sometimes felt even too fast for me!

Next week we'll hopefully have our first training session and see how that goes! I've also been checking out some small competitions for the summer, maybe we can try doing some competitions here so that when we go back to Nottingham in the autumn we could immediately join BD and start affiliated competitions!

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