Finally my first year of univeristy is over, I finished my last exam yesterday and boy am I happy that it is finally over. I'm so glad to be able to just concentrate on the horses, and relaxing so that I'll be ready for next year of uni! 

All I can say is that thank god we have horses, otherwise I wouldn't have survived these exams. To be able to have an hour or two where your brain hasn't got the ability to focus on anything less than riding, is great. I don't know how non-horsey people do it, I need my daily dose of relaxment in order to be able to then focus on work again. These people are obviously missing out a lot.
Canter pirouette and check out the doggies in the background :D
The poor ponies will now be coming back into full proper work. The last couple of weeks I've been taking it a bit easy with them; lots of hacking out, lunging and chilled riding sessions so that everyone (including me) stays relaxed and happy. Now that there are no more exams, I can start putting some more pressure on and training again, without having to feel guilty about not being inside revising. Ahhhh, what a great feeling!
And can I just say how quickly does time go?!? It feels like I just left for England, and now it's all about to begin again in September. 

Summer 2014 here we come! My blingy boots are ready for action ;)

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