Vallu is back

After five days of nothing but worrying, Vallu is now back in work! His antibiotics course finished yesterday, but his leg has been looking good for the last couple of days which I am very pleased about. In my last blog post about this, I couldn't quite convey exactly how worried I was about Vallu, but I am over the moon that his leg has gotten better so quickly.
During the last couple of days of only hand walking, we could all tell that Vallu was feeling very bored and unloved. He was difficult to walk, he kept spooking and jumping at everything and would shake his neck like a wild stallion. I honestly think his brain got bored of not being challenged ;) So I decided to ride him lightly just to make sure that his leg was up to it, and to help him to relax a bit. Can't say that it was our best riding session, as Vallu had apparently forgotten all about being on the bit, about half halts and my seat and leg aids. It was like riding a wild 4 year old, legs going here there and everywhere!
But he is healthy and happy, and that's all that I can ask for! ♥︎ Now just to go and work on being on the bit ;)

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