Throwback Thursday: Bob Le Cob

Serious face...
I've been planning on doing one of these types of posts for a long while, but I could never pick on what to write about. When I was scrolling through old Facebook photos the other day, I came across these little gems, me riding Bob Le Cob at Hickstead in 2009! Bobby was at the same yard where Nelli and Basse were before we moved to Finland, and his owner is still one of our best family friends.
Happy rider :D
I can't remember why I was competing him, or what our result was but I do remember that this was the first time that I'd felt properly disappointed with the score, and learnt to empathise with those people who do not own that certain type of warmblood that the judges love. Bob did a great test, worked hard, gave it his all and I was super happy with him. I'm certain that if I had been riding Basse, I would have gotten at least 5% more... But it doesn't matter, the horse was great ♥︎
A time when I didn't stress for competitions ;)
After riding Bobby I realised three major things: 1. I will at some point in my life own a cob 2. I will own a piebald horse 3. Cobs have a great character. Oh my goodness this horse was a saint, and I am utterly and truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to ride and compete him. Nowadays Bobby is still working hard for his mummy, and to the best of my knowledge is still being a good boy ;)
I still have this Pikeur coat <3

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