Weekend fun

Although the weather has been appalling here in Finland for the last week, it hasn't totally stopped me from having fun! It's meant to be the warmest part of summer, but we've had rain, wind and hail storms with some small breaks of sun. The temperature has been +12C at it's warmest, and one day we had +4C... That wasn't our best day! But still, we've tried to have fun :)
Niilo waiting for us to come home from training
I've had the opportunity to ride Basse as one of the people who loan him is on holiday, and Basse goes so stiff when he isn't worked at all, so we decided to keep him lightly working in order to avoid that. And my god do I love this horse, he is so easy for me to ride because after 5 years of riding him I know him so well and know exactly what will make him better. I'm always surprised that even though I haven't ridden him properly for more than five months, I can still remember what works for him. It was also lovely to note that he felt much better this time than when I last rode him during my Christmas break; the only thing that needed work on was getting him in front of the leg and making him softer through the left rein. But these are very little things, and his general way of going is great!

Rama has also found a new toy to have fun with. He has a massive bucket that we put his hay in to try and stop him from spreading his hay all around his paddock, but now he's learnt to pull all of the hay out of it, and then play with the bucket (which you can see in the video below)
I also have a training session this week (possibly two!) which I am very excited about since we've had nearly two weeks off due to Vallu being poorly and our lessons are always so inspiring and fun ♥︎

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