Christmas wish list

I think I have done a Christmas wish list every year since I started this blog, and every year it seems like I write it earlier and earlier! This year I feel like that I'm both early and late to writing this post, early because it's only mid November and late because my brothers have already sorted out most of their presents and Christmas lights have gone up in Helsinki and even at home πŸŽ„πŸŽ

1. One of my biggest wishes is the HV Polo Merid Jacket. New for the AW16 season, it's a lovely short quilted riding jacket with contrast zip.  I've seen this in real life at Fur Feather Meds and it looks and feels gorgeous! I'd love the Merid jacket in the RAF blue colour to match my HV Polo set from FFM, but it's also available in the other AW collection colours. 
2. Now who doesn't want new winter riding breeches when they've got to be able to survive and ride in -20ΒΊc conditions? I adore the look of these new Pikeur Lucinda Grip cork shell breeches  πŸ˜ They are the same as the basic Pikeur Lucinda breeches, but with a grip full seat as well as being made from the super warm and snug cork shell fabric, which is meant to have significantly better insulation than the soft-shell breeches.
3. The Prolite dressage girth. Now this girth I have been umming and aching over for well over 6 months. Manufactured under license from Fairfax Saddles Ltd's intellectual property rights (so essentially the same as the amazing Fairfax girths, just a lot less monies) the design of the Prolite girth is scientifically proven to dramatically increase the horse's freedom of movement, by increasing front leg extension, greatly reduces pressure as well as increasing hock flexion. The fabric covering used has properties that keep it cool, dry and breathable, so everything you'd want in a girth! πŸ‘πŸ»
4. Now this last one is just more of a really really want than the previous three which are all under the "Iactuallyreallyneedthese" list...  The beautiful Acavallo Just-Gel Lambskin Half Pad! This gel pad offers the best of both worlds. Instead of your normal sheepskin pad, this gel pad has the shock absorption with the added bonus of the non-slip properties of the gel on both sides which allows the saddle to adhere to the top side and the bottom side to the saddle pad. This means that not only are you kinda protecting your horse's back, it also helps your saddle stay in place a lot better than with just a sheepskin pad. And this just looks so damn good. (And as a side note, I love the fact that you can just shove the whole pad in the washing machine and wash it on 30 degrees, unlike with sheepskin pads that you need to be incredibly careful with or you ruin them!)
What are you wishing for? Have you got a Christmas list yet?

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