Trends to watch out for: Eskadron Heritage A/W 2016

Although this collection has already come out in mainland Europe (Germany, Holland and Belgium for sure, I think it's arriving in the UK as I write this) I feel like not a lot of people have yet seen or heard about this brand new collection from Eskadron!
In case you don’t know, Eskadron releases new collections twice a year, in spring/early summer (S/S collection) and in autumn/early winter (A/W collection) and for both times there is the Classic Collection, the Next Generation Collection and the Nici Collection. Confusingly, there’s also the Platinum Collection that comes out during the summer between the two main release dates. However, for 2016 A/W collection instead of the fun, bright coloured Next Gen collection Eskadron have decided to go for more muted, traditional colours with a brand new Heritage Collection. Although I’m a bit disappointed that there is no new Next Gen collection, I know a lot of people will be incredibly happy with the Heritage.

Here are some pictures of the upcoming Heritage Collection:

The colours are called racing green, just blue, merlot (red) pearl (cream) and mustang brown. We have seen SO much brown from Eskadron recently but I guess it must sell really well for them to be continuously bring out brown in every collection. The same with the 'just blue’ colour, it’s just more navy! The ‘merlot’ colour is a deep red wine colour, which they have in the AW 2015 Classic collection and is incredibly close to sangria from the AW 2016 Classic collection. Thus the only 2 new colours are racing green and pearl, which are the ones that I really like - guys if you own a chestnut or dark bay/black horse, this collection is for you!

The main differences that are new are the thicker binding on the saddle pads (some like the glossy and the cotton pads have shiny trim too) and that the Eskadron logo is slightly different (look at the big square saddle pads). Eskadron have also done quite a few new styles for rugs this time, the blue on has definitely caught my eye!

Here’s the official video from Eskadron that was released for the collection:

What do you think? What would you buy from this collection?


  1. I know right! I'm glad I don't have time to go to any shops to look at them in real life as I could come back with a few new bits!!