Haynet Blogger of the Year 2016

Absolutely over the moon to have been included in the top 10 finalists for the Haynet Blogger of the Year for the FOURTH year in a row! It makes me feel really loved and special to know that people are 1. reading this blog and 2. consider this lil blog of mine to be worth being included in the top 10! So thank you very much everyone in the Haynet community and Sam for including us once again in the finalist group ♥︎

Although I found out about my nomination already on October 19th, I had so much essay work thanks to my master's programme that I have only just last Sunday evening emerged victorious from my essay hell. In the last 7 weeks I have written 11 different essays and research papers totalling around 17,000 words of which more than half were written last week. You can imagine how I haven't had much time for blogging and even both my boys have had a very easy few weeks whilst I've been continuously staring at my laptop screen trying to get everything done before the deadlines. Anyway, now that I've survived those I can get back to more enjoyable things, like riding and blogging!
TO VOTE FOR THIS BLOG: If you click on THIS you will get taken to the voting page, where you just have to enter your email address and then click which blog you would like to vote for. It's really that simple and I promise that it will take less than a minute! I also promise to be a lot better at blogging this month, my next set of deadlines are for the middle of December so November should have a lot more time for horsey shenanigans and blog posts! :) Thank you for voting! 

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