More bling!

"You can never have too much bling" is something that I heard a lot whilst I was living in the UK. There's definitely a cultural difference between Finland and the UK in the fact that no one over here has really blingy browbands. Sure, there are more people now than three years ago who have some form of blingy browbands, but I have not seen any 'megabling' browbands over here yet. So of course(!) I decided to order one for Basse from the same company that made Vallu's browband - Pearly Ponies 💎✨

So we went for a 5 row alternating light sapphire, iridescent and pearls "Ultimate Crystal" browband 💙 It's a bit lighter than in the photo, I took it as the sun was setting so it came out darker than what it looks like in real life. But isn't it gorgeous?!? I love it! I find that the pearls balance out the bling a little bit and make it a bit more classy and the light sapphire gives it that bit of colour which makes it pop especially on a grey horse like Basse who doesn't have any markings. I didn't want to go for any really bright colours for Basse's browband as I think on a grey horse the quite neutral colours are the best - whereas for a bay or black horse, I would definitely go for a royal blue, purple, green or pink. I also think that 5 rows of bling are more than enough to blind people, so the browband didn't need anything 'more' added to it!
Such a #trendsetter
What do you think? Do you think it looks good on Basse? Would you have gone for something different? 

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