Rocking E Cowgirl 10 Questions June blog hop

You all know I love participating in blog hops, and these questions come from Allie at Rocking E Cowgirl who has one of the prettiest equestrian blogs ever! #bloggoals

1. What is your earliest, clearest horse memory?
When I was 6 and was having a riding lesson at a riding school and we were riding in the outdoor arena, I was on a slightly naughty pony who knew that he was stronger than me, and he kept stopping to eat the grass at one end of the arena and I can clear as day remember sobbing to the teacher that "I can't do it, he won't listen to me" and her reply was, "ponies give nothing for free, figure out what to do or you'll spend the rest of the lesson there"! At a very young age I was taught to figure sh*t out myself or be stuck there crying!
2. Describe the perfect summer day.
It's sunny, not too hot and the horses get to be out all day in their field. In the evening I get to go for a long hack with friends and I haven't had to rush at all throughout the day! I think the not having to rush at all would make any day perfect tbh.
3. Are you reading anything right now? Tell me about it!
I'm reading several different academic articles about how small states can increase their influence in the EU and a book about Finland's position in the EU for my master's thesis #gradlife

4. Do you follow a celebrity (horsey or non) that you’re embarrassed to say fascinates you? Tell me. NOW.
All of the Kardashians... 🙈 Their lives are just so totally different to mine that I find it really fascinating following them. Also you've got to admire their social media and marketing skills, they are the best in the world at this.

5. What is your single most biggest horsey dream or goal?
Do an affiliated PSG riding in tail coat and finish the test. I'm pretty sure I'll never get to GP, so PSG would be amazing and that's what will happen one day!!

6. If you were at Starbucks right now, what would you order?
Grande caramel macchiato with an extra shot of coffee with whipped cream on top... Yeah ALL THE SUGAR!

7. What is your biggest equine pet peeve?
When people don't thank their horses enough even though the horse has done everything that has been asked of it! I mean the horse could buck you off or kill you in an instant, yet some people won't thank their horses... 🙄 Whenever I teach anyone half of my time is spent shouting "PAT HIM" and "say good boy" because I think this is SO important for establishing a good relationship between the horse and the rider!
8. With everything going on politically and in the media, tell me, do you follow it religiously? Tune it out? Or something in between?
Well I'm a masters student studying European politics and have several American fiends, so I'm sure you can guess that I follow political news religiously and I am very politically opinionated.

9. If you had to show your horse to a song, what would you choose?
Lady Gaga's newest song The Cure for Vallu because of these few lines: "if I can't find the cure, I'll fix you with my love no matter what you know, I'll fix you with my love. And if you say you're okay I'm gonna heal you anyway, promise I'll always be there, promise I'll be the cure". Just so that he really understands that I'll always love him no matter what and whenever he feels scared or worried I'll be there to fix everything with my love 💕

10. What are you most looking forward to this summer?
Relaxing, spending lots of time with the horses without having to rush, going to competitions and have lots of lessons and hacking as much as possible.


  1. Um. That is seriously the sweetest thing to say. Thank you :)

    3. You lost me at "academic articles..." LOL

    4. I used to follow a couple of the Kardashians and after a couple months I couldn't stand one more post from them! Their butts just consumed way too much of my time! But I will agree, they are absolute pros at marketing themselves.

    9. All of Lady Gaga's recent music is intriguing to me!

    Thanks for joining the blog hop, girl!

  2. Hahaha, I wish I could have said something like a romance book or something far more exciting than how small EU states can improve their negotiation tactics... 🙄 Thank you for making these, I hope you do some more! 💜