Haynet's Equestrian Blogger of the Year Awards 2017 finalist

Well.... last night on Twitter things got very exciting as the 12 finalists for Haynet's Equestrian Blogger of the Year Awards 2017 were announced and I've been included in the finalist group for the fifth year in a row!🌟 (does a happy dance)
 Having seen how the equestrian blogging world has expanded massively this year, I didn't think there was any chance for me to be picked as one of the finalists so I was on Twitter purely out of curiosity to find out who the finalists were and to support the #horsebloggers community. Not for one second did I think that my little blog would have been included in this list, which by the way has some giant names in it and bloggers who have thousands of followers on twitter and Facebook 😱 So I'm still feeling pretty amazed to be included in such a group!
Voting is now open and stays open until midnight on Friday 27th October 2017. The winner of the award with a second Rising Star place and a third Recognition of Talent award will be announced on Monday 30th October at 7pm (UK time) through the dedicated Twitter channel.

TO VOTE FOR THIS BLOG: If you click on THIS you will get taken to the voting page, where you just have to enter your email address and then click which blog you would like to vote for. It's really that simple and I promise that it will take less than a minute. Thank you for voting! 🙏🏻