31 Day Social Media Challenge Day 12: What are you most stubborn with?

Nearly half way there! Today is day 12 of the Equine Business Assistant's 31 Day Social Media Challenge: What are you stubborn with most?

Being stubborn often gets a rather bad rep in society nowadays, because if you're stubborn then you're also set in your ways and difficult to deal with. BUT... I'm my opinion, to be stubborn it means you have to have a strong belief that supports it, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to keep up your determination to argue your point of view and what you believe in.
I honestly believe that when it comes to our dreams and the changes we desire that being stubborn IS fantastic. We need to be stubborn about certain things in our lives. For example, I am stubborn about my happiness, ensuring my mental health stays good and keeping horses in my life. Instead of giving up horses when going to university like most junior riders do, I took Vallu with me to the UK for 3 years and completed my bachelor's degree (with a good result too!) I then decided to carry on with my university career and got in to the University of Helsinki to a master's degree in Politics, but I also had Basse and Vallu to ride and look after during my master's degree. But I was stubborn and wanted to have both things in my life, so I worked hard for it. And then to top it all, when I had 3 months left of my degree and was spending every possible moment writing my thesis, I decided to take over the ride of Erkki so that he wouldn't be sold, because I knew I would regret not taking the chance to gain such a fantastic horse in my life so I stubbornly decided to finish my master's degree with 3 horses! Yes it meant 6am starts and 11pm finishes for 2 months straight with no days off but my god it was worth it! Even if I had to do it al over again, I would do it without hesitation. 🌸

So, I'm most stubborn with going after my dreams and seeing them come to life. I will do whatever it takes to ensure that what I want to happen in my life will happen, and I will work my butt off until I achieve it 💪🏻
"I am able to get up and dust myself off and keep moving forward. I'm very stubborn" Rita Moreno

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