31 Day Social Media Challenge Day 2 - Topical Tuesday

“Respect is earned. Honesty is appreciated. Trust is gained. Loyalty is returned.” What was the name of the most loyal horse or pony you have ever known?

Hands down, this has to be Basse. Today marks the 12th anniversary of him being mine! 🎉🎊

Basse came to us when he was 2 years old and I still consider him to be the baby of the family. At the age of 5, I started riding him, and I was only 14 then... What a wonderful baby horse that he looked after a teen who had no idea what she was doing! And as is well known by equestrians, "equid social relationships are long-lasting and, in some cases, lifelong” (in the journal Animal Behaviour) and now after 12 years together, you could say our relationship seems to be lifelong!!

He's had several things 'go wrong': his slight kissing spine was confirmed when he was only 4 years old, resulting in that he gets a sore back very easily. Bad hoof conformation, navicular changes and he's also had a bout of laminitis. In February 2016 he had a freak accident in his paddock where he fell over and damaged his straight distal sesamoidean ligament (SDSL) but after an entire year of rehab, a, he's been good ever since and despite everything that life has thrown at him (at us) he STILL remains the most loyal horse ever! 💖

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