31 Day Social Media Challenge Day 6 - Sunday Sharing

Day 4 and 5 of the Equine Business Assistant's 31 Day Social Media Challenge were on my blog's Facebook page, which you can go to by clicking HERE.

But onto today's post: Sundays are for sharing - share a product you love
Currently I am LOVING Chia de Gracia's Deep Breath. It has been an absolute dream for helping Basse's nasty cough. Breath Deep is a herbal blend designed to help horses' respiratory system, and it contains thyme, marshmallow root, garlic, anise seed, liquorice root, peppermint and Icelandic moss. In all of my research for herbs that would help horses coughing in the spring with a really dry cough, garlic, anise seed, liquorice root, peppermint and Icelandic moss ALL came up often so to find a product that is not only made in Finland, but also contains all of those herbs is fantastic! I was in love with it the moment when I opened the package, it smelt amazing and then Basse decided to hoover up  two handfuls of it in a couple of seconds, so I knew that A) he needed the herbs and B) he liked the mixture of the herbs.

And the results speak for themselves, Basse's cough has gone away in a week. It dramatically improved after 48 hours, but he still had a slight cough until this weekend when it seemingly has disappeared! He's always struggled with a cough every spring since we moved to Finland, so the vets have come to conclusion that he has some form of allergies that cause his coughing - it could be dust from the bedding and spores from the hay or the high pollen count that comes as soon as southern Finland warms up a bit. It's always gone away within a month, but after witnessing how much it helped Basse last spring I decided to use it again this year, and I'm so glad I did. I always want the best for my horses, so to have found a product that really works and helps my horses feel better quicker... Well, it's a true gem 💎

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