31 Day Social Media Challenge Day 4 - What do you love about going to shows?

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Day 4: What do you love about going to shows? 

I love competing. I love being able to see how my horse and I improve over time, and a small part of me loves competing against other people too! I've heard that studies have proven that experiences make people happier than having possessions. And let’s face it, if you love competing like I do, you'll love the experiences that you gain with competing. I also love going to shows because you’re surrounded by people who love doing the same thing as you 💖 The sense of comradeship is astonishing, and I've had wonderful friends who I've only seen and caught up with at shows, who have always encouraged me and made competing into a lovely day out, rather than it being just a load of stress and anxiety. Also, the energy at shows is amazing. Whether it’s the nervous "go to the loo as soon as you arrive" type of energy or the excited "I've had too many energy drinks and don't what I'm doing" kind of energy, unless you’re a stone-hearted iceman, you will be excited when you’re there. And that feel-good excitement glow lasts at least for me well into the next week.  Which leads me to my final point, going to shows get us out of our comfort zones. As riders it's SO easy to get into the habit of doing the same thing each and every day. Leaving my normal routine helps me to get unstuck if I'm in a rut 💪🏻

I've always had a great time competing with Basse, but once we moved back to Finland in 2010, I totally lost my mojo and couldn't for the life of me go and compete. But now that I'm older, wiser and have had a long break from it, I'm ready to get going again... We just have to move back to the UK again before I have the time and opportunity to compete again!

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