Trends to watch out for: Anky SS19 collection

Despite the fact that this winter seems to be lasting forever, my calendar keeps reminding me that we are hurtling towards spring at full speed. My paddocks may be muddy and water logged and the sky might be grey and cloudy but at least my favourite equestrian brands are bringing out colourful collections to cheer me up! 🌼🌺 The third blog post for this year's trends to watch out for series is Anky's SS19 collection! For this collection Anky have gone with estate blue, royal blue, mineral blue (my favourite!) flaming scarlet, sunny yellow, tawny brown, pale gold, sparkling charcoal and snow white. What's even more impressive is that the white, gold, brown and the black all have gold sparkles in them, which creates the most beautiful glimmer to these pads. And points to Anky for creating NINE new colours - that is stellar work from them! πŸ‘πŸ»
Am I big fan of this collection though? πŸ€” Yes, for half of it! If you could take away the estate blue, tawny brown and sparkling charcoal away from it, I think this would have been a superb SS collection. The dark blue, brown and black make the overall collection look less cohesive and a little bit all over the place - I would use these colours if I was to make an all year round collection. I thin that darker colours are for autumn and winter, whilst brighter and lighter colours are for spring and summer... πŸ’ But the rest of the collection is fabulous! Mineral blue is my firm favourite, whilst flaming scarlet and sunny yellow both look incredible. Bright popping beautiful colours are exactly what we need after a long and dull winter. Whilst the pale gold may not impress you in stock photos, it looks fantastic in the real life photos. Glitter and sparkles, what more do you want? πŸ’Ž
Here are some more photos from the upcoming collection:
What do you think of this collection? Do you agree with my opinion or do you love the whole collection?

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