Trends to watch out for: Eskadron Classic SS19 collection

Thanks to a perfect 2018 where I loved every single collection that Eskadron brought out, I thought it would continue into this year as well. In this case it wasn't to be as the Eskadron Classic SS19 collection just isn't that exciting for me. BUT, if you like green and orange, giiirrrrrrlllllll are you in for a treat!! 💚💫 A beautiful bright coral colour and a strong but sweet green give a breath of spring air into the matchy world!
 The colours that Eskadron have gone for this spring summer collection are: seapine green, coral fusion, navy and blanc. Whilst I love me some navy, I do think the pine green and coral simply win the show in this collection. And like I wrote earlier, if you like your greens and oranges then this collection is for you! I am much more of a light blue/pink/purple/grey type of girl so I won't be ordering anything from this collection (what a shock, I KNOW!!) but I still really do like the look of the coral and the pine green, especially the velvet crystal pads and the cotton big squares and the glossy emblem pads. The more I look at the photos of the coral the more I start to like it 🍊 It's nice that Eskadron have done the fluffy boots and over reach boots to match these colours, so you can get them in the coral, green and navy ⤵️ I really rate my Eskadron boots - they just last and last!
I'm also not convinced about the new type of binding that Eskadron have used on some of these pads. I'm pleased that they're trying out different looks and styles, I am just not a fan of this style. A dear friend of mine calls this "police tape" and I couldn't think of a more appropriate description than that! 🚨 I still have high hopes for the rest of Eskadron's collections, and I'm hoping none of them will lead to disappointment! I hate it when you're so excited for something, and then it ends up being a bit lacklustre...

The rugs that they have created to match the saddle pads and bandages are really lovely in my opinion, I like that Eskadron are creating more and more different styles of rugs so that everyone will have something that they like. I prefer my rugs a single colour (bling is always needed) but I know plenty of people who love the big square style saddle pad and want to have the matching rug with the big square stripe on it. So well done Eskadron for listening to what your customers want and increasing the different styles of accessories! 👏🏻

Here are some more photos:
What do you think? Do you like this collection? Or are you like me and prefer 

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  1. First of all, I'm so glad that I found this blog from Playsson's site, though I would have been here much earlier if I'd known about this treat for a blog!
    I'm surprised how nice that coral looks on horses in these pictures. Surely not my cup of tea but looks a million times better I expected! I love the colours you've chosen for your horses like turquoise, pale pink... green is not my favorite but the shade in this collection is one of those I do like.