PS of Sweden blush saddle pad review

I know a lot of people might know a lot about and already own PS of Sweden products, but I wanted to share my thoughts on the PS of Sweden blush saddle pad, that I bought from Foster Equestrian. I've blogged about all of PS of Sweden's collection since their SS18 collection, which means that I know their products inside out especially as we have collected a lot of their matchy sets over the years!
So looking closer at their saddle pads, PS of Sweden pads are created from a shiny, dirt repellent and breathable material with a PS crown patterned quilt. This pad also has a quick drying, anti-fungal and antimicrobial material on the inside to efficiently wick away moisture and keep the saddle pad fresh. I can't reiterate enough how well these pads wick away sweat and keep my horses cool. The older pads have a black material on the inside, whilst the SS20 and this particular blush pad have got a white material. Don't panic - both are equally good at wicking moisture away and the white does come up really clean after just a single wash! The material is such good quality, it doesn't snag, tear or damage easily so you don't have to worry about washing them.  

Their forever stylish piping and the PS of Sweden badge give this pad a really sleek look. It definitely helps that pink and grey go so well together, but I have to say that all their saddle pads are gorgeous. There is so much thought and love that go into the designs of PS of Sweden's products πŸ‘ŒπŸ»Some might find the embroidered quotes along the spine of the pad a bit cheesy, but I personally love them - the blush saddle pad has the quote "you are my antidote" which is just so sweet! πŸ’– The pad is gorgeously quilted with crown-shaped needlework and I really love these subtle details - it definitely has that high-end feel. For the horse's comfort, an anatomically shaped top line helps avoid pressure on the withers and the padded stop cushions at the front help to keep the saddle pad in place without any extra straps. For me, it looks extra classy without the extra straps because I have mono flap saddles for all my horses which are a pain when a saddle pad has girth straps.
For best care, machine wash on a cool setting and hang to dry - PS Of Sweden recommend gently pulling the pad after washing to help avoid shrinking. The fabric on my older pads has not lost even a bit of the gloss over time, they're all still in really good condition, with no bobbles or shrinking. Overall, these PS of Sweden pads are super classy and so is the overall quality of all their  products, as you expect from a premium brand like PS of Sweden. They are my favourite brand and get 5 stars from me! ⭐️

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