New riding hat in review

Those readers who follow me on Instagram will know that about a week ago I got a brand spanking new riding helmet, which I am totally in love with right now. Just the right about of sparkles, shiny leather and a good price to boot too...
I don't want to join the masses with the their Charles Owen, GPA and Samshield hats, and because I refuse to spend £500 on a hat that I will more than likely scratch and break within two years, I bought something a little different. I haven't seen anything like this anywhere in England and not that much in Finland either.  Mum and a couple of friends have had Euro-Lite helmets for a couple of years now, and they have stayed in quite a good condition so there is hope for this hat too :D
It's incredibly comfortable, and sits me very well. Some hats, no matter how lovely they are (e.g. Charles Owen hats) just do not fit my big head at all... But luckily this one does. I love the crocodile pattern and the rhinestones. It's something blingy that is just a little bit different to what everyone else has (can you tell that my inner hipster has woken up?)
Unfortunately the camera ran out of battery before I could take more pictures, so you don't get to see the lush padding inside and the really nice leather straps. The strap that's under your chin is a lot thinner to what I'm certainly used to, and surprisingly I find it much more visually appeasing and more comfortable as well. With a price just under 120e here in Finland, I'm thinking this was a pretty good purchase for someone like me. And who could say no to the rhinestones? ;)

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  1. Hi, does this hat meet the new riding hat standards for the UK, eg. kitemark & PAS 015 (1998 or 2011)?