My typical day

Inspired by Haynet's #horsebloggers blogging tips that were shared throughout August on twitter, tip #8 was to write about your typical day which is something that I have actually never done before on this blog! I've always enjoyed reading about other people's daily lives because I'm a very nosy person  🙈 so I thought I would share what my typical day looks like. 
As most of you will know, I am fortunate enough to have the horses at home. My parents have owned this place for 7+ years, which means our yard jobs are almost second nature by now and our routine is pretty much the same every day! I feed the horses their breakfast feed and hay at 6am, the horses are turned out before 9am, the morning yard is done by 11am at the latest and after 1pm they come in for lunch. Those who are ridden/exercised that day will be done so at some point in the afternoon and those who have a day off are turned out again for the afternoon until dinner time. The evening yard chores and dinner are done around 8-9pm.

Saturday 9th September:
6:00 Wake up to my alarm and it takes a few seconds for me to release what time/day and where I am... Definitely the worst part of the day!! Grab the cat food, shout at both of the dogs to hurry up and get out of my bed and take them outside. Feed all the horses and call out for the cat, mentally praying that he appears quickly so that I don't have to carry on standing out in the rain! Spot him sitting in front of the sauna, feed him inside and let both of the (very wet) dogs in who both jump into my bed before I have a chance to say no...

8:00 Wake up to the sound of coffee being made and the rain lashing against my window. Miserable day ahead! Have breakfast (BIG cup of coffee), catch up on all of my emails and social media, and then try to figure out where all of my waterproof clothes are hiding.

8:45 Horses are all rugged and booted and turned out. They all look miserable eating their hay in the rain ☔️💦 Decide that today is a day for riding in the indoor.

10:30 Back inside to have actual breakfast and more coffee. Horses are looking more and more miserable as the rain is not letting up!

11:00 Work on the lecture diary for one of my Master's modules. The module conveyor has been nice enough to offer the chance to do a lecture diary instead of having to do an exam, but it means that twice a week I have to write a page of my own thoughts and ideas based on the lectures and a book about the Nordic welfare state.

12:30 Rama went crazy in his paddock which made Basse and Vallu canter around, so we ran out to grab all the horses in and then fed them.

13:00-14:00 Did my German homework, realised that I was driving myself crazy and that I should drop out of the course. Then the stubborn side of me was like "NOPE" and my brain finally figured out how to do the homework 🤓 #notlinguisticallytalented

14:30 Into the stables, chucked Basse out in the rain with another horse and then started getting Vallu ready to ride. Realised that it was 1. too cold and 2. too wet and that I needed to dig out a fleece rug to put on for warming up and cooling down! Autumn is here!

15:00-15:45 Rode Vallu in the indoor

16:15-17:00 Quick turn around, brought Basse in and tacked up. Went for a very soggy hack around the woods. Basse resembled a hyperventilating dragon with his snorting and random spooks because he didn't have his BFF with him, so I spent most of the time trying not to laugh. Once he'd relaxed it was amazing to be outside in the middle of the woods on our own, despite the rain 🌳🍃
18:00-19:30 Back inside for dinner and a change of clothes, after which I started typing up this blog post. Realise that my phone has died and then panick that I wouldn't have any photos but after 30 minutes of reviving and praying it decided to ball and come back to life.

19:30-20:00 Evening stables. Skip out and change the waters for all the horses, give feed and hay and try to make up the breakfast feeds before Rama and Basse finish their dinner otherwise all hell breaks loose and they want more food! Go check on the turn out rugs and thank the gods above that they are all nearly dry and ready for tomorrow.

20:00-21:30 Lie in bed watching Netflix, I've rediscovered my long time favourite TV series Bones and have been watching that whenever possible! I love this show because of it's great character developments and there are some really funny moments.

21:30 Off to the sauna! We have sauna night every Saturday which is like my weekly moment to myself where I can just totally switch off from the world for an hour, which I really need. It also makes me super tired, so after I get back inside I fall asleep the moment my head hits the pillow! Really wild Saturday night 😜😂


  1. I like this kind of post! I did something similar a few weeks ago, myself. I love seeing what other people do with their time. Guess I'm nosy, too ;)

    1. Haha, yes I saw yours and loved it! I was a very nosy child and just never grew out of it!!