Trends to watch out for: Eskadron Classic AW17

I presume most people following this blog know that I am an avid Eskadron fan. For me, there is no other brand that has guaranteed great quality products which are stunning and Eskadron are always the one I look out for when new season collections start appearing! So for part 2 of my autumn/winter trends to watch out for, here's a quick look at Eskadron's classic sport AW17 collection:

The colours for this collection are dark taupe (brown), navy, orchid mauve (pinky colour), aqua marine and the lovely anthra melange (grey). I am a big big big fan of pinks and blues, so this collection is a huge success for me and scores 10/10 for sure! There is always going to be some shade of brown in every Eskadron collection, and once again this is a lovely shade. I also think the dark navy will be popular too, but from seeing everyone's preorders orchid mauve has already nearly sold out - how crazy is that?! The collection isn't even in shops yet but they're already nearly impossible to get hold of.

What is really cool to see is that Eskadron is creating more colours of the faux fur boots and I do think these are a must have!! Finally people can buy boots in other colours and styles than just black and brown, and can have boots that are protective whilst still being stylish. They are available in orchid mauve, anthra melange and navy, but I do wish that they would have done the aqua marine colour too (I know you can pair aqua marina pads with the dark navy boots and it'll look fine, but still!)
Out of all the different designs of saddle pads, the one that has stuck out to me was the glossy wave pad. I know these pads have a lovely sheen to them but I really like the small Eskadron logo in the corner as well as the really lovely dark navy trim. If I had any spare cash this is the one set that I would buy from this collection 💎✨
I'm actually super excited to get to see this collection in real life at Feather Dressage as I'm flying over to the UK at the end of this month for the Charity Fashion Show, which is in aid of Prince Fluffy Kareem this year. If the collection lands before the event, I will make sure one of the horse models will be dressed in something from this collection!

What do you think? Do you like the collection?

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