Feather Dressage Horse Fashion Charity Show in aid of Prince Fluffy Kareem

Like last year, for the last weekend of September I did a quick fly by to my old yard to help out at the Feather Dressage Horse Fashion Show and this year it was in aid of Prince Fluffy Kareem. PFK is a small, action-oriented group of people working to help horses, donkeys and camels by the pyramids in Cairo, Egypt. When I found out the fundraised would be for PFK I was ecstatic! I've been following PFK on Facebook for several years now and am always in awe of the work that they do over in Egypt. I've been joyous with their success stories and sobbed whenever they lost anyone and whilst I know you can't pick a favourite charity, this one is very close to my heart.
And once again, what a weekend! We managed to raise an amazing £6,200 and I did burst into tears  at the end when the total was revealed. To know all of us have managed to help make life a little bit easier over the winter for PFK made the lack of sleep and stress totally worth it! 💕
I arrived Friday midday and had a lovely afternoon going through the FD HQ whilst Lili was busy, after which I watched her ride Fons who has progressed SO much since I last him. Can't wait to see what he's like in another years time. We then spent the evening catching up over dinner after which I think we spent 3 hours by the kitchen table filling out raffle tickets because people were amazing and kept donating right until 1am! Events like these really restore my faith in people, it's amazing what can be achieved when people all chip in to help out a charity.
Saturday morning was spent filling out more raffle tickets (will be glad to not see anymore raffle tickets for a year 🙈) after which I got to ride my favourite Zubob. Those of you who know me will know how important Zu is for me as Lili allowed me to ride and look after him when we were at the same yard whilst Vallu was off work and I was feeling like it was the end of my riding 'career'. As soon as he saw me he did the kiss that I taught him just before I moved back home and I do think that he recognised me - I did shed a few tears when I hugged him, it was so nice to see him.
Handsome man!
At 2pm the stress started as we tried to get all the horse models bathed and plaited up, set up the trailer and filled it with FD products, got the indoor arena ready with all the chairs for seating and the plants for the catwalk and the human models got their hair done too! I so regret not getting someone to take a photo of my hair because it was SO cool.
Our catwalk! Big thank you to the garden centre in Barrow for providing us with these plants!
My definite highlight from the show was the guest appearance by Sound Barrier - dressage cob Bill 😍 I've followed their adventures for years on Facebook, so I was very happy to see Vicky and Bill in action. Lili's and Vicky's Shetlands (Dougal and Chad) also made a surprise cat walk appearance too which everyone loved!  This was followed by the fashion show bit, which was a lot of fun - but only after the horse I was leading calmed down, she reverted back to her TB racing days at first and I did wonder if she was going to take off when she saw everyone sitting there... But it all went really well and it was brilliant to see so many familiar faces. It truly is my home away from home!

So a massive thank you to Lili Brooksby Dressage (Equestrian Training) for arranging such a spectacular event that raised more than £6,000. I can't wait for next year!


  1. I did some research on this organization, and I had no idea it existed! What amazing work they do.

    1. I'm glad you researched it, they are an amazing group of people!