Equestrian Stockholm AW17 Steel Grey set

Having survived the first absolutely manic week of my second term at university this year, I was SUPER excited to see that my Feather Dressage delivery had arrived on Friday. I've been on the hunt for another smart matchy set for training because at the moment I've only got my navy Equestrian Stockholm one, so when I saw that ES were coming out with this colour, I knew I needed to get it! ♥︎
So of course my outfit for the next day was sorted! 💁🏼 I just knew it was going to amazing on Basse (grey on grey rocks!) but I must admit I was bit apprehensive about how it would look on Vallu, especially now that he is in his weird winter coat which is currently just a million different splotches of brown. But I love it, even on him!

Vallu is now just a day away from getting to do 10 minutes of trot/canter work and so far it's been quite eventful with him... I've had to dig out my stickiest breeches and hone in on my staying on skills again as he's clearly starting to feel the need for more work. 5+ weeks of very little work is starting to show in his spookiness levels (too much energy = one wild horse). Yesterday after warming up in walk for 20 minutes I managed to do about 3 minutes of canter during which I nearly ate sand twice! I then made the decision to just walk with him for the rest of the ride and he decided to try to piaffe the entire time instead 🙄 I'm so looking forward to being able to ride him just that bit more next week and hopefully tire him out a bit so that riding him becomes a bit less 'hang on for dear life' and more 'right let's get you fit again'!
What do you think? Do you like this set?