Change of plans...

Vallu will be walking for the next six weeks in order for his leg to get 100% fine, I don't want to risk causing him any damage. After this we will hopefully bring him back to work and start training again and hopefully do some competitions in the summer before leaving for Germany and then the UK.

Each day Vallu will either be ridden and walked or then walked in hand. A couple of nights ago I was walking him on our own arena, which has about half a meter (if not more) of snow on it, it's up to Vallu's knees! This is a very good way to cool down their legs and it's pretty hard work so it's far more efficient than walking in a indoor arena.

I've been using our Uncle Jimmy's Licky Thing to keep Vallu happy now that he hasn't been working as hard, he seems quite bored and sad. He really loves this, I recommend this to everyone. Unfortunately Vallu's stomach is quite sensitive and he can only play with it for about ten minutes so that he doesn't get too much of it, but at least he is a bit happier!

Basse has been very good, and his nose is getting much better now that there are no remnants of any stitches left. Some skin has started to grow back, and it looks very neat! Hopefully it will continue to grow back nicely without any more problems. Basse has been hacked out several times a week, the last time I went we galloped around the woods! We both really enjoyed this, and it's good to not be working in the indoor everyday, and it keeps him happy. With Satu, Basse has been working on a more collected frame in trot, so that his trot is more collected with more weight on his hindquarters, and with his neck in a higher position. We've also figured out a good warming up plan for Satu and Basse that helps Satu get Basse really good quite quickly (within 15 minutes) Yesterday, Satu practised leg yields in trot, and we made sure that he was crossing his hindlegs nicely and that he was straight in the body so that he didn't lead with his hindquarters.

Rama all matchy matchy ready for riding!
Rama has been been struggling since Sybil Moffat treated him. This is because she did such a good job treating his crooked pelvis, that now that he is moving correct and straight he has to use muscles that he hasn't had to before. This has made him pretty stiff for the first fifteen minutes before he warms up properly. Thus Rama has been lunged a lot (it's easier for him to move without a rider) This week we will try to bring him back to work being ridden and then hopefully continue training the week after!

Nelli is recovering from her fourth case of a swollen leg... Poor girly! Hopefully she will recover soon once again! Today I took her out for a walk and she looked lovely in the sunshine.

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