Fun with Bastitini

Today was the first time that I rode Basse properly after Tuesday's little freak accident. Yesterday I rode him very lightly because he was still on his antibiotics, but because the last bit of the antibiotics and painkillers (metacam) were given to him yesterday, today he could work normally.

Look! You can hardly see the cut that Basse has on his right nostril! It's healing quite well, and hopefully within two weeks it should be totally normal.

A sugar before hard work makes the horse work better! Here you can see the new bandages well!

Baby piaffe! I use this technique to get Basse to activate his hind legs and to make them quicker, which really helps in the canter because the more active his hind legs are, the better quality the canter is. When he is slow behind, the canter becomes four beat and unbalanced. With his hind legs active, Basse's canter is easy to sit to, and he is more balanced.

Basse's trot felt really good today. One of Basse's strongest gaits is his trot; it's very even and quite bouncy and luckily very easy to sit to. He is also very balanced in the trot, making it easy to really ride him.

We practiced some leg yields in trot, and once again it went super well since Basse is an expert with them. Over the years that I have ridden him, leg yield has been the one exercise that has improved Basse all the time, and so we have practiced it a lot. Even though Basse has a weaker left side (which means that the left leg yield is sometimes hard to ride, as Basse pulls on the left rein and blocks his left side) this time both ways were equally good, with nice cross-overs and a straight body.

A big pat for such a good boy! ♡

All photos were taken by my auntie, Mariitta Heliƶ ©2013

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