Gifts from America!

Since my dad's work takes him to the USA nearly every month, we use this opportunity to buy products that we need because some stuff is just so much cheaper over there! As it had been a long time since dad had last gone there, this time we had a lot of stuff to buy. Dad goes to San Diego, on the west coast of America, and the shop that we buy everything from is Mary's Tack & Feed

One of the most urgently needed products was Horseman's One Step Leather Conditioner. This is surely the best leather cleaner and conditioner ever! As we have many leather products (bridles, saddles, head collars, girths, martingales etc) that need frequently need cleaning; our bridles are cleaned everyday, it's really important to have a good quality cleaner. The reason why I really like this product is because it is also a conditioner, so even when the leather products are used and washed everyday, they stay in a good condition and look great! (This is also available from Hööks and other shops in Finland - but its quite a bit cheaper in USA)

We also bought another leather conditioner, Oakwood Leather Conditioner. This is used normally on new leather goods as it works really well to soften hard new leather.

We also needed a new girth because we only had three good girths when Rama arrived. Dad bought a Stübben neoprene long girth. I love Stübben girths because they are soft, comfortable, and non-slip. The roller buckles provide easy adjustment with even pull and pressure, and the girth straps can be tucked inside the neoprene sleeve, giving a neat appearance. The neoprene is so soft that these girths are suitable to horses with sensitive skin around the girth area. They are also easy to wash and quick to dry and machine washable.

Another favourite find of mine from Mary's Tack is the Centaur Padded Lunge Line with Stopper (25ft long) Nice and thick, and the stopper (not shown in this picture) is really useful when horses decide to pull away, so that instead of getting rope burns, you can hold onto the rubber stopper, which fits nicely into the palm of your hand!

EOUS Plaid Polo Wraps are made with soft, non-pilling, thick fleece in an extra-long length. The bandages also feature a nylon tab at the edge of the velcro that makes it extra easy to remove and adjust. The blue plaid is a super cute but very different to what we already have. Luckily it matches very well with our blue Eskadron saddle pad! I put them on Basse today and my aunt took some photos, in which these look great.

Dad also bought some fun new over-reach boots for Nelli! Crimson red Professional Choice Ballistic over-reach boots, and they look amazing when paired with our red bandages and matching saddle pad! I think that Professional Choice is such a great choice for over-reach boots because they are very durable and look great even when they have been worn.

One of the last gifts was two of Uncle Jimmy's Licky Things! Made from ground corn, sugar, corn syrup, oats, soybean meal and hulls, wheat middlings and molasses products (and more..) including lots of vitamins! This alternative to the traditional Likit is apparently great tasting; our horses love them, and are packed with vitamins and minerals for horses' everyday needs.

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