Winter wonderland

Best day of the week! :) It's amazing what a bit of sunshine can do to your day! After our two hour long Method Putkisto Deep Stretch lesson, I rode Vallu in walk again after which I had a bit of fun with Basse outside in the snow.

Basse did a one round around our own outdoor arena (where there was about 3ft of snow!) before we went over to Equstom and did some trot and canter work around their fields. Considering that Basse hadn't been worked the day before, and it was a little bit colder today than on the previous days, this wasn't by far my best idea! Luckily I trust Basse and I know him so well after 7 years of riding him that nothing happened, he was just very fresh and a little bit out of control - hence my stronger than normal hands. He also wanted to turn left instead of going straight! 

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