Exercise, escape and exhaustion

It’s been a killer of a day. Our night hellcat kitten Max decided to keep me up since 5am, and my day has started from there. Our farrier came to shoe our three boys today, starting at 8.30am. Normally we start our normal day routine of turning out and mucking out at this time, so you can imagine that we had to start an hour earlier - a shock for both us and the horses who were all sleeping when we went out after 7am… 

Joey being very careful with Vallu's foot!
After finishing our morning stables, our weekly Pilates lesson commenced. Normally, we have had 15-30 minutes of theory before starting any movements, but today we had a full hour of working out. Now that all of the theory is starting to sink in, each time the lesson is becoming harder and more intense because I know how to make each exercise as functional as possible. We did familiar movements again, but they all felt much harder. 

Before our Pilates lesson, mother and I decided to bring in Vallu and Rama so that no catastrophes would happen, and because it was such a sunny and warm day, we kept both Nelli and Basse out. After coming back from our lesson, we turned Vallu and Rama out again, and went back in. We only had an hour of peace before Rama’s escape from his paddock. Because last week Rama decided to jump out of his paddock (where the fence was 1.2m high!) the fence was raised to 1.5m so that he wouldn’t jump out. Today he decided to put his head in-between the middle and the top fences and then push his way out from the paddock. Ensue panic and a very rushed exit from the house towards the cantering horse!! Luckily Rama allowed me to catch him rather quickly when mother was getting some nuts and treats for him, and all the other horses then came in as well.

After lunging Rama, in order to give him an easier workday so that he will be fresh tomorrow for our lesson with Karita, exhaustion set in… With our evening stables done (with Nelli and Vallu being walked in-hand for 15 mins each) dad and I went to rake the arena in preparation for tomorrow’s lesson! Back home after 10pm, and another day in paradise done!


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