Winter favourites

Over the last couple of months, we have bought a couple of new things because it has been super cold, and they have become virtually irreplaceable, because they are so practical and are used everyday! The items below are definitely on my winter favorites list.

Hector Showmaster woolen rug from Hööks

This is an incredibly warm wollen rug that can be worn before exercising, at shows and competitions and also in the stable. Very beautifully made, with a showy golden braided tailstrap. The removable surcingles make life very easy, and makes the rug very versatile.  When the weather has been really cold, and the temperature has dropped below -10c, I have paired this rug with another woolen rug that covers the horse's neck, giving double the warmth to our horses!  One of the biggest advantages of this particular rug is that it can be washed! Most woolen rugs that we have had can't be washed because they would be ruined, but according to Hööks, this rug can! Because our rug is so dirty already, this is definitely going to the wash in the spring when it won't be needed. I really recommend this rug, and it is still available from Hööks.

Kingsland Denison cable knit headband in brown

This knitted head band with fleece lining inside and Kingsland embroidery is incredibly warm! Although the design is very simple, I think it's quite eye-catching and the colour is so nice. I prefer headbands to hats, and since I adore all of Kingsland's products, I couldn't resist this. It has so useful, I've used it nearly everyday. I was really surprised (in a good way) when I found out that this fits underneath my helmet - at least a little bit - so that when I have to ride when it's nearly -20c, my ears will not freeze totally! The headband is surprisingly thin considering how warm it is.

HV  Polo Bodywarmer Vana in black

My absolute favourite thing that I've bought so far this winter! I adore all HV Polo clothes, but the amount of attention paid to details with this gillet makes it even better. The HV Polo emblem is very intricate, with silver, gold and white, and I think that it is just the right size - not too big so that it ruins the rest of the gillet and not too small so that you can hardly see it! With a detachable hood, imitation fur hood trim, front zip fastening and side pockets, this is a great addition to anyone's winter riding attire. This was also bought from Hööks, during their HV Polo sale when everything from this brand was -25% off!

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