2014 Christmas wishlist

Yes I know it's only November, but with only a month to go (!!) I thought I'd share my Christmas wish list to see if it inspired anyone else to do one as well... Then we can all dream about the presents that we might hopefully get ;)
Pictures taken with kind permission of FFM
The HV Polo Jeslyn Pullover that I have absolutely fallen in love with! ♥︎ I'm not a huge fan of pullovers, and I'm not even sure that this will look good on me, but still I love it. The fact that it is a  HV Polo means that it is high quality and has such beautiful detailing. That turtle neck would keep me super warm when hacking out or riding outdoors.
HV Polo Ilze polo top has made its way onto my Xmas wish list thanks to FFM too... (Bad influence!) HV Polo shares the top spot with Eskadron as my most wanted, trusted and adored brand, and this top is another example of why I just love HV Polo. Not over the top with the logos, lovely material, washes well, pretty design and will last forever. I still have my HV Polo t shirts that I bought in the summer of 2012 and have worn them countless times, and I can still go to training sessions with them because they aren't looking old at all! 

One of the things that I actually need is a new snaffle bridle for Vallu. His current one is an old hand me down from Basse, and for a while now I've been looking at getting a new noseband to try and get it to last a bit longer. But after six/seven years of use, it's starting to show signs of age, even though I clean it after every ride :( The Aachen Aurora bridle by Gold Medal looks lovely. At just under 100e, the price isn't that bad either. The noseband is padded and patent :D The headpiece is also slightly padded, and the cheek strap, snaffle strap and throat latch are all rounded, and I think it will look really good on Vallu. Basse has a very similar one to this and the quality of it amazed me, it is still so soft after 6 months of use.
These are a cheaper version of Eskadron's allround boots, and are patent! Vallu's boots have slowly been getting on a bit because of the wear and tear due to him having them on whenever he goes out in the paddock/pen and walker. So if ever I'd want to not wear bandages e.g. going hacking out, or riding quickly, I'd love to have a new set of BR Horse Prox Max boots. 
Vallu has had a set of Back on Track Quick Wraps Royal for two years now for his front legs, but I really think he would benefit from another set for his hind legs. I can't even explain how useful the BoT boots have been for Vallu, Basse and Rama. All of the boys legs are looking better than ever thanks to these. For those who don't know about these, BoT is made of  textiles with heat reflective properties, and so when heated, the ceramic particles radiate a heat back towards the body (this reflected heat is called long-wave heat radiation or long wave infrared radiation) This long wave infrared heat radiation increases the blood circulation, and the increased blood circulation in the tissues helps to relieve muscles tension and improves performance. (This is also kind of cheating since I just got these as my early Xmas present, and will be using them straight away on Vallu! Thank you mummy ♥︎) 

*Fingers crossed that Santa listens to me*

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