More chia!

Yes I am a total Chia convert nowadays, and will be preaching about it again now ;) Having done a super quick long weekend visit back home, I also managed to squeeze in a little meet with the lovely people of Chia de Gracia in Helsinki, where I was very fortunate to be given more Chia seeds. Vallu and I thank you! ♥︎ We had a great chat, and were pondering how chia seeds are very popular here and in USA as well as Australia but nowhere else! Weird! Chia de Gracia is now branching out into supplying both the UK as well as Sweden, and soon hopefully the brand will be known all over Europe.
Yummy! :P
For those of you who didn't know, Chia seeds are a natural superfood for horses because "Chia facilitates natural well-being and can supplement the horse’s daily feed. Chia seeds contain more omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in an ideal balance than any other plant product. Chia is rich in essential amino acids, minerals, and vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, E) and has a high protein content. Chia easily gels and forms a protective film in the intestines that slows carbohydrate absorption, balances blood sugar levels and advances the healing of gastric ulcers. Chia is perfect for sensitive horses that suffer from equine metabolic syndrome, are overweight or experience intestinal problems. The absorbing properties of chia help ensure a perfect balance of fluid and electrolytes. Its high level of dietary fibre supports optimal intestinal functioning – Chia can thus be used to clear the bowels from sand. Chia lubricates the horse’s skin, which increases its resistance to allergies, alleviates itching and promotes the growth of strong hooves and shining, healthy horse hair. Chia is rich in antioxidants and magnesium, which helps to calm stress-sensitive horses and balances the mare’s estrous cycle. It is also ideal for pregnant mares and for horses that suffer from damaged joints or connective tissue." (Borrowed from EquiNutritive's page about Chia seeds)

And now Chia de Gracia's chia seeds can be purchased from UK too! *does a small happy dance* EquiNutritive will be selling them, and I highly recommend you to try them! The smallest package is 1kg and can be bought at just £18.50. Just try it for a few weeks and see if it has the positive effect that it's had on Vallu, and many more horses that my friends and acquaintances that are fed chia too. If anyone has any queries, please leave a comment below, and if its too difficult for me to be able to answer properly I'll ask the lovely people at Chia de Gracia to contact you!

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