Friday night magic! Vallu was on fire tonight, it feels like he's finally happy to be working in the indoor arena again. Flying changes (the elusive 100% correct 2 tempi diagonal!!!!!!) were all good, got some piaffe in, as well as trot and canter half passes! 

I think I might have finally had that breakthrough in what Vallu wants to do when we do proper training in the double bridle... Today I decided to try out a warm up that included walking around beginning with extended walk, so we do have a contact and he's not just on a long rein, practising diagonals and it's a proper marching walk and not just a slow bumble along. This was followed by trot and canter in a figure of 8 in the same long and low frame, and I think it was quite successful! As some people already know, Vallu is a serial pooper, but tonight we only had 2, when at worst it can be 7! As weird as this may sound, the less he poops the more comfortable/happier he is in his work?
Dat neck ♥︎
I think I'm also going to become more organised and make sure that once a week we will have a massage day, just to make sure that he doesn't have any sore spots, or any little things that I can try to help him with. I know I'm not a professional physio, but I do know some stuff which our lovely Erika from home has told me to do with him, and I'm sure anything is better than nothing... And exciting saddle news, my new WOW saddle is coming to be fitted the week beginning December 8th, that's only 10 days away!!! Cannot wait! ♥︎

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