Last ride before Finland

I'm having little long weekend holiday, going back to Finland until Sunday. I'm so excited, I have missed my family terribly, and I'm really looking forward to seeing all the horses and dogs and our cat :)

Following yesterday's lovely hack out, we were meant to do a proper training session outdoors, but since Vallu's favourite buddy has come back to the yard and was going out for a hack, we joined them! (2 hacking out sessions in a row, woop woop!) We did go in the outdoor arena for ten minutes after our hack, and did trot and canter in both directions and Vallu was very relaxed throughout this all. I'm very happy with him right now, I think we're going in the right direction once again. Hopefully the saddle will come soon so that I can start going back to training properly without feeling guilty!
Jerry, Vallu's BFF ♥︎
Walking up the BIG hill
 Everyone has been given strict instructions on what to do with Vallu ;) Lots of grooming, and grazing, hacking out, cuddles and giving sweets! I've also topped his sugar lump, polo, apple and Likit levels, so he should be fine until Monday ;D
Eskadron ice set is SO bright, no one could miss us
Weird horse did this for a minute...

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