November Goals/October Analysis



Be good during Andrew Fletcher lesson - Very very very good boy, AF was more than impressed with the change in attitude and behaviour; said that we had finally achieved a happy horse
Get new saddle - No saddle yet :(
Be good when turned out, and not be a hooligan everyday - He's been so good at this, only during the first day of winter t/o did he hooligan around his paddock

Survive the ridiculous amount of uni work I have to do - Still alive
Try to blog every week - Success! I'd blogged two times more in October than in September
Not lose patience whilst waiting for the new saddle! - Still waiting.... :(

Be good during AF lesson 
Get new saddle
Continue being relaxed whilst hacking out every week
Continue the work in progress of riding in the outdoor arenas

Survive two essays, two group projects, and another essay thats due in later on top of my weekly reading lists and seminar questions
Go home for an extended weekend trip ♥︎
Get new saddle
Get new banner done, and think about changing background colours etc for blog

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