Friday Finland

The flight home was amazingly uneventful, if you ignored the large group of English teens going to have a school trip to Lapland, who had all decided to wear either a Christmasy jumper, or then a onesie and who were incredibly excited to be going abroad. They even clapped when we landed...

Niilo being super helpful Friday morning
I got to ride my wonderful baby horse, who just seems to be getting better and better with age, and he seems much more happier to work nowadays. He has lovely people riding him at the moment, who absolutely love him and I think he knows this. He is surrounded by tons of people who love him, and I'm pretty sure this is why he is so happy. It was great to ride another horse than Vallu (as much as I love riding him) it's always great to be able to focus and work on other stuff with different horses. It was just a shock coming down from the saddle because my feet met the ground a lot quicker than I am used to with Vallu!

We got a good couple of inches of snow on Friday afternoon/evening. I think this was because when dad picked me up from the airport, I said "I'm surprised that it hasnt snowed yet." Nothing compared to what the USA is experiencing but omg snow!! :D Our evening walk with Nelli and Rosi was veryyyyyyy exciting, Rosi decided to run circles around me constantly, all the time whilst bucking and rearing in the cute way that only mini-Shetlands can do.
Snow dog!! ♥︎

Saturday morning

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