What our week looked like

I don't normally do these weekly reviews, but I am so proud of both me and my horse during this week that I want to keep this feeling and moment forever, and be able to go back to it if ever needs be.

Monday - my day off since I have a 10am - 6pm day at university, so Hollie looks after and rides Vallu. 

Tuesday - start of winter turnout for the ponies, after 2 weeks of no turnout. The result was this...
But we did have a very good ride in the scary outdoor arena after he'd been out for 3 hours!

I can hear him going WHOOOOOOOOOO

Wednesday - riding in the outdoor arena AGAIN (!!!) whilst people who were competing in the High Profile show and had come up early were also riding outside... So much going on around us with new people, horses, lorries arriving, but I just got on with it, pretended that we were warming up for a competition and Vallu (in the end) got his act together and did some very nice trot and canter half pass.
Thursday - hacking out! ♥︎
Friday - day off, with Vallu being able to stay out 8am - 2pm! He loved his day off...

Saturday - hacking out again! Even after a day off!! The weather was so lovely, the company was great and Vallu behaved perfectly and didn't put a hoof out of place
Sunday - riding in the indoor arena for the first time this week; never would have I believed that it was possible to have such a good week without being able to ride indoors! The blue draped material was still there and we ended up having to ride indoors with ten other horses who were warming up for their competition and Vallu coped really well!! PROGRESS :) And tomorrow we have another AF lesson, which I'm so looking forward to, because then it will be a long while before we have our next training session.
Riding during a warm up, so much fun NOT
So much going on at the same time

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